Feed Journaler requires the dayone2 command line tool to be installed. Please see these instructions on how to install it.

Adding A New Feed

A feed can be added by clicking the plus button in the toolbar, or by pressing Command+N. One the new feed has been created:

  1. Set Feed URL to the URL to the feed RSS URL. After changing this field, the RSS feed will be fetched and will be used for this particular feed.
  2. Set Journal to the journal these feed items should be added to. The name will need to match the journal name in Day One.
  3. Optionally set Tags to the tags to use for each journal entry.

At this stage only RSS feeds are supported.

Once the feed has been configured, Feed Journaler will start polling the RSS feed every 5 minutes.

Removing Feeds

Deleting a feed will stop importing RSS entries into Day One. To delete a feed:

  1. Select the feed to delete from the sidebar.
  2. Click the bin icon in the toolbar, or press Shift+Command+Backspace.

Deleting a feed will not delete the entries imported into Day One.