Do old entries get imported?

Feed Journaler will only imports entries that are in the RSS feed at the time it polls. Most RSS feeds do have a history of feed items going back a certain number of days, which Feed Journaler will import. But there is currently no way to get any posts older than that at this time.

Does Day One need to be running?

Day One does not need to be running in order for Feed Journaler to import the posts. However, it does need to be running in order for all your posts to be synchronised across all your devices.

Why does Feed Journaler need to access “System Events” when I choose to launch on login?

Feed Journaler uses MacOS automation to work with login items. Login items can only be read or changed using the “System Events” process, which is protected by MacOS with user permissions.

Why are the Login Item checkboxes in the Preferences window disabled?

This is most likely because a request to access “System Events” was previously denied. This permission can be changed by going to System Preferences -> Security And Privacy -> Privacy -> Automation, and checking the “System Events” checkbox in the right-hand plane.

If “System Events” is already checked and the Login Item checkboxes are still disabled, please let me know by sending feedback.