Feed Journaler version 0.4 has been released and is now available for download. For those that have Feed Journaler version 0.3, you can now upgrade by going to the app menu and selecting “Check for Updates”.

Here’s what new in this release.

Delay Post Imports

New prefence to delay post imports.

Feed Journaler version 0.4 includes a redesigned preference window, and a new preference to delay the import of posts up to a configurable number of minutes after publication.

When enabled, when Feed Journaler polls an RSS feed, it will take note of the publication date and time and only import the posts that are older than the configured delay. For example, if the delay is set to 30 minutes, only posts that have been published more than 30 minutes ago will be imported. Posts that have been published sooner will be tracked, and will be imported on the next poll when they become older than 30 minutes. Feed Journaler will signal that there are posts currently pending by showing the status Some post imports pending.

When this feature is turned off, any pending posts will be imported during the next poll.

I’ve found this feature relatively useful given a particular annoying “habit” of mine. I publish a blog post, and then after a while realise that I’ve introduced spelling errors or a better way to phrase what I’m trying to say. Usually by that time, the post has been imported into Day One, and I find myself having to correct the imported entry along with the original post.

If this happens to you, you may find this feature useful as well.

New Feeds Menu

New feeds menu.

Feed Journaler version 0.4 also includes a new Feeds menu, with some simple actions to refresh and refetch the currently selected feed.

The Check For New Posts menu item, also known as “Refreshing”, will force a poll of the currently selected feed, importing (or delaying) any new posts that have been published.

This won’t import any posts that Feed Journaler has already imported, but if that’s what you want to do, you can do so for the latest post of the selected feed by clicking the Reimport Last Post command.

Changes Made To How Feeds Are Imported

There have also been some changes made for those using Write.as:

  • Posts without titles published on Write.as appear with a title corresponding with the first sentence or line of the post in the RSS feed. Feed Journaler will now attempt to look for this and will not include the title when importing the entry into Day One.
  • Also specific to Write.as feeds is detecting any paragraphs comprising solely of hashtags. Feed Journaler will look for such a paragraph at the start and end of a post (although not within the post) and will remove the paragraph from the imported journal entry. Such paragraphs must consist solely of hashtags and blank characters in order for it to be removed. Hashtags included as part of standard prose will not be removed.

This is an opinionated change which currently does not have any controls surrounding it, so please let me know if this is something that is undesirable.

As always, feel free to send any feedback you may have regarding this release.